As a premier digital marketing agency serving the Pittsburgh area, our team works tirelessly daily to deliver our clients the most creative, strategic, and data-driven marketing solutions. Developing these systems requires sharp communication across all levels, keen aesthetic intuition, and applying logical reasoning skills—a unique blend of expertise.

Our dedication and proficiency in these areas have earned numerous prestigious honors that validate our agency as a leader that drives real growth for local businesses. Our steady accumulation of awards also enables vital recognition within the digital marketing industry and exposure that fuels our continued expansion.

List of Our Impressive Awards

As we have progressed and evolved as an agency, prominent local and national organizations have taken notice of our abilities through an array of awards and certifications:

  • 2022 Alignable Best of Local Business Award – Top Recommended SEO Company in Pittsburgh
  • 2021 SocialAppsHQ Leader Award Winner – Top Facebook Marketing Agency in Pittsburgh
  • 2022 SEOblog Elite Award Winner – Top Rated SEO Agency in Pittsburgh
  • 2022 Expertise Best Of Awards – Named a Top 10 SEO Agency in Pittsburgh
  • Pennsylvania’s 2022 Best Businesses Award – Recognized as a Top-Rated Local Business
  • Dominate Web Media Certified Partner Award – Certified Facebook Ads Account Manager
  • 2022 Trust Badge – Verified as a Safe & Excellent Company
  • Current Google Partner Status – Full Google Ads Certified Professional

How Our Awards Set Us Apart in the Market

Our impressive recognitions and certifications set us apart by positively impacting five key areas:

1. Boosts Our Brand Reputation and Trust

Prospective clients considering our services first want to know – is this company reputable and trustworthy? Our stack of awards provides third-party proof that we are reliable industry experts. This boosts confidence in potential customers to choose us as their marketing partner.

2. Gains Respect and Strengthens Relationships

While a good image is essential, being respected locally also matters. Our awards lead to recognition from industry peers and partners. This helps us build stronger connections with stakeholders like customers, investors, vendors, and more.

3. Motivates and Inspires Our Team

Although awards may not raise salaries directly, they motivate employees by showcasing their progress and hard work. Our award ceremonies encourage continued stellar performance.

4. Helps Recruit Top Talent

awards also enable us to attract skilled marketing professionals. After all, top talent wants to work at recognized industry-leading agencies. This infusion of expertise helps drive our ongoing success.

5. Creates Networking Opportunities

Our awards open collaboration possibilities with other respected agency owners and marketing leaders by getting invited to exclusive industry events. These networking opportunities lead to future partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     Why do awards matter when choosing a marketing agency?

Awards indicate an agency’s capabilities and expertise have been validated by independent industry authorities. This 3rd party credibility helps assure customers they are selecting a qualified partner.

2.     What awards has your agency won in the past 2 years?

Some of our most recent top honors include the 2022 Alignable Best SEO Agency Award, 2022 SEOblog Elite Award, and the 2022 Top-Rated Local Business Award. See our site for a full list.

3.     Do awards really reflect work quality and results?

Yes – many of the awards criteria are directly tied to client results & success rates. Awards provide reliable confirmation that we deliver outstanding ROI.

4.     How have awards impacted your business?

Our awards have expanded our client base, fueled team morale, strengthened vendor partnerships, and provided networking opportunities.

5.     How did you qualify & apply for these awards?

Many of our awards involved in-depth applications highlighting client outcomes. Others were voted on by customers and industry peers based on service quality.

6.     Do awards influence your ability to rank organically?

While awards don’t directly impact SEO, they do reinforce our expertise in this area. Our SEO-focused awards build authority helping our visibility.

7.     Do you promote your awards on your website?

Yes, we proudly showcase our awards front-and-center on our site. We want visitors to immediately see 3rd party proof of excellence.

8.     Do you need to pay to apply for digital marketing awards?

Some awards have application fees while others are free. We strategically select awards where fees provide the highest ROI.

    9. How do awards help you market your services?

Our awards support improved conversion across our site/ads by reducing perceived risk in buyers and building trust.

    10. What awards are you applying for in 2023?

Some of our 2023 targeted awards include the Search Engine Journal Top Agency Award and the US Search Awards Best Small Agency honors.

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