What does Pittsburgh SEO Services do?

Pittsburgh SEO Services is a leading global digital agency established in 2001. Pittsburgh SEO Services has helped thousands of businesses grow online. We’re a team of SEO specialists, on-site, off-site and online advertising professionals, editors and content writers, all of whom work for the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Does your company only work with Pittsburgh based clients?

We are focused primarily on the Pittsburgh surrounding area but we will work across USA.

What services do you specialize in?

We are offering Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Campaign, Website Design, Social Media Optimization, Internet Marketing and Local SEO Services.

Can you help us to make our online presence?

Definitely, We’re happy to help you. Click here to get in touch with us.

Are there contracts involved in your marketing packages?

Everything we do is month to month without contracts, if there is a concern then we will arrange a meeting to resolve either in person, over the phone or remote session

Are there discounts if we have multiple locations?

Yes since multiple locations can reduce some of the work necessary we will create a customized campaign to meet the needs for those locations and budget.

If I am interested where do we meet?

Typically we meet at your business or a nearby location to your office that has internet access and based on your schedule.

Are there any termination fees?

No we have no cancellation fees for any of our services but we do ask 3 months on any of our internet marketing services to prove ourselves.

Can I adjust my internet marketing package at any time?

Yes we constantly adjust our campaigns as situations change, our goal is to prove the optimal service for a long term relationship.

What happens to the content when if I quit?

Most of the work we do is permanent but some accounts like google, facebook and a few others do need to be transferred within 30 days to avoid termination. Our premium listing services do loose some ranking and content a few weeks to months after termination.

How many clients do you have?

We are family owned and operated company focused on
the Pittsburgh surrounding area working with about 100 active clients.

Explain your category exclusitivity marketing?

This means that we work with only 1 client from each type of
business or service provider. We will not promote two competitors in
any of the same markets or service areas.