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You must have heard digital marketing agents highlighting the importance of backlinks, right? Backlinks are other websites appreciating the value of your work. Which ultimately, ensures the audience of your services and honesty. Targeted backlinks are basically ‘votes of confidence from other websites.

When a website puts a hyperlink in its content, which directs to another website, the latter is backlinked. The audience reading the first website can also access the information and value offered by the second, since the content is always related. If otherwise, these backlinks would be nothing but negative to your website.


You can never doubt the integrity of something which is highly appreciated, right? Backlinking is your website’s appraisal by fellow websites, which increases your customers trust in you. It is the most natural and beneficial way of gaining more rank and demand.


Backlinking has many types based on the approach of the website. If you achieve the backlinks through organic means, it proves more beneficial for you. Otherwise, it is your loss and such websites appear low rank to google.

Natural Backlinks

Natural backlinks are obtained when you simply generate quality content. When the other website finds your work beneficial, it thinks of putting a hyperlink to your website to provide versatile information to readers. Such backlinks would highly rank your website in the eyes of the google algorithm.

Manual Backlinks

Manual backlinks can be obtained by requesting a backlink from related websites. Though it is easy to achieve but if the readers don’t click on the link, it’s useless. We always recommend approaching the websites you can provide value, so that the readers will tap more probably.

Self-Created Backlinks

You can always promote yourself but if it gets excessive, google doesn’t like it. If you are pasting your link in the forums, comment sections, descriptions, and online directories too, it makes your website look low rank. We always avoid a lot of self-created backlinks for our clients.


There can be many ways to achieve backlinks. Here are the following most beneficial ways, that we suggest or clients.

  • Backlinks are not as hard to earn as it may sound. It’s all about having positive and effective networking and relationship building. If you have any value to offer, more companies will approach and hence promote you organically.
  • A website should always have quality content as its first priority. We, as a company, can apply all the SEO strategies and backlink building but if the content is low quality, all efforts are useless.
  • Websites should be actively posting and interacting with the viewers. A website that posts more often, is ranked higher in google algorithms.
  • We suggest our clients generate shareable content, as case studies, press releases, articles etc. The more people interested in the content, the more exposure it will get.
  • Guest posts play a great role in the networking of websites! Blog and short articles on blog pages are the activity boosters of websites.
  • Last but not least, SEO plays a crucial role in making your content more visible to the websites that are likely to give you backlinks. Therefore, we always suggest businesses opt for an SEO service company, like ours, to get you the value you deserve.

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