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According to the data, at least one out of every two websites has a dead or broken link. Only 23% of individuals who land on 404 error pages try again to find the requested page. The remaining 77% abandoned the website permanently. You should be aware of any broken links on your website. Fortunately, you can kickstart this process using our free Broken Link Checker tool.



Broken links are ones that no longer work. There are several reasons, including:

  • The site is no longer
  • The website’s URL structure has
  • The page was moved without an appropriate redirect being
  • Over time, linkages have a natural propensity to break This process is usually referred to as “link rot.”
  • Typical link rot assumes that websites lose approximately 25% of their links every seven years.
  • As a result, the longer your website has been online, the more probable it is to include broken links.

What is a Broken Link Checker?

Broken links are links that do not work the way they should, usually because the page they lead to is no longer up and running. If this is the case, clicking the link will result in a 404 error, preventing the user from moving ahead.

This is negative for the user experience since the user will be unable to discover the content they were seeking and will no longer have a purpose to visit your website.

When you examine broken links, you can quickly and easily detect all the broken links that point to your website. Complete the form above to get the accessible version of our dead link checker.


Broken internal and external links can have a wide range of effects on your visibility and exposure in search engine results. Dead links, 404 errors, broken anchor text, incorrect URLs, and redirect chains can all negatively influence your SEO performance.

Each of these internal and external links represents a type of “link rot,” in which the quality of your link graph or link portfolio gradually deteriorates over time.

Dead links

A dead link does not point to any material. It is just a link to an empty page. This can be detrimental to your website’s SEO ranking since it confuses search engines and makes it difficult for visitors to find the material they seek on your website. A dead link checker program can help you locate and repair broken links.

404 Errors

A 404 error is the one in which website or page cannot be found. It frequently occurs when a website has been modified or relocated, and the original web pages are no longer available. In such cases, a 301 redirect would have remedied the 404 issue, but it was not used. But with our free broken link checker tool you can identify and fix this error.

Invalid URLs

An incorrect URL is a page that the server does not recognize. This is common when a website is transferred to a new location and all of the pages become unavailable. In such circumstances, you must set up a 301 redirect so that everyone who attempts to view the old web pages is automatically forwarded to the new ones. Fortunately, Our free broken link checker tool can help you locate, remove, or repair broken links.

Redirect Chains

A redirect chain is a set of redirects that occur when a website page is transferred to a new destination. In such circumstances, the old web page is redirected to a new one and subsequently routed to the desired location. This frequently results in a series of

404 errors, but it also reduces domain authority. A broken link checker tool can assist you in identifying and fixing broken links, hence improving your website’s SEO ranking.

Why Is a Broken Link Checker Helpful?

The primary reason to check broken links is to search the internet for any broken links that may harm you. You are responsible for dealing with those links, whether by resurrecting a dead page, putting up a 301 redirect, adding new material to your website, or just eliminating the connection.

A broken backlink checker tool is software that finds and fixes broken links on your website. This is an important tool to have because it may help boost your website’s SEO rating by checking that all of your links are working correctly.

This will benefit you in several ways, including:

  • Increase your authority and rank
  • Links significantly impact the performance of your SEO effort. As a result, fixing and enhancing those links can help you gain authority and improve your search engine rankings.

Preserve Your Reputation

People prefer to avoid discovering broken links. So, the effect may be slight, but anyone encountering a broken link associated with your brand will think a little less of your brand in the future. Repairing broken links can help you preserve your brand reputation.

Recover Previously Lost Traffic

A visitor who clicks on a dead link only to discover broken links through a 404 error may leave your site and never return. If you repair your broken links, this catastrophe will be avoided, and you will efficiently recoup lost traffic.

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Quality link-building services enable you to obtain links to your website from other websites. This can increase your website’s exposure and ensure visitors can quickly locate it. It can also boost your website’s SEO ranking. There are a lot of things to take into account when choosing a trustworthy link-building company. You might wish to look at the following qualities:

The cost of service

  • The quality of linkages
  • The number of hyperlinks
  • The arrangement of the links

How to use Pittsburgh SEO Services’ Broken Link Checker?

As the number of pages on your site that may include hyperlinks grows, tracking them

all will become increasingly difficult. The quickest approach to checking your website for broken links is to use our broken link checker tool.

To check your website for broken links, enter the URL in the field provided and click the “Check” button.

Our advanced algorithm will promptly analyze your site upon your request and provide a comprehensive report.

Why use our website’s Broken Link Checker?

We at Pittsburgh SEO Services wish to give you the best tool for checking broken links on your website. Our free online broken link checker is quite effective at finding link

problems and incredibly easy to use; it allows you to check for and correct any broken links on your website.

With this broken link checker tool, you can easily detect all of the dead links on your website!

Ready to get started? Simply input your website’s URL into the provided field and click “Check” to scan for broken links instantly. It’s that easy!