WordPress Backup and Management

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms on the web for building sites. With new basic vulnerabilities in the core and plugins discovered on a regular basis, it is also the biggest hack target on the net, and left unmanaged, it is only a matter of time until your site gets hacked.

Both the core software and the myriad of user-created plugins need to be monitored and updated vigilantly to ensure a WordPress site remains secure, and WordPress sites also need to have plans in place for how to deal with a hack when it inevitably does occur.

Pittsburgh SEO Services WordPress Management Service Includes:

  • Disaster Recovery – In the case of a catastrophic WordPress or plugin hack, we can quickly revert to a previous version from before the hack occurred and then update as needed
  • Security Monitoring – Our team is immediately notified if your site is hacked
  • Core and Plugin Updates – We install updates to the WordPress core software and to all plugins that are in use immediately upon their release*

As a WordPress Management Services client you also get access to our talented development team for on-demand work on your WordPress site, such as dealing with a plugin that is incompatible with a required core update, or installing a new plugin for you. WordPress development work is billable on a time and materials basis.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in signing up for our WordPress Management Service for your site, or if you have any questions!