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Page Builder Sandwich

Page Builder Sandwich is a front-end, drag & drop,WordPress visual page builder plugin that lets you create beautiful pages, and lets you design them effortlessly.
Page Builder Sandwich is a web page builder that requires little to no knowledge of code, making it extremely user-friendly. Drag and drop elements to create your web page design – like buttons, text boxes, images, and more – straight into your content area, and tweak and customize color, size, (and more!), all in real time. Plus, we’ve loaded Page Builder Sandwich with the essential page building tools and templates to make sure that you have access to almost everything you might need in creating a site. You can use it to design just landing pages as well!

Page Builder Sandwich is a front-end, visual website builder. This means you get to design your site and see your changes in real time – just like how you work in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Work more efficiently without having to switch from backend to frontend, and save yourself the hassle and time through live editing.