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Import your SVG files created in SVGator to your WordPress media library and use them as normal image files. This plugin lets you comfortably access all your animation projects and makes it super-easy to add them to your page. You are free to choose an SVG with either CSS or JavaScript as the animation type.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are constantly growing in popularity due to their scalability, small size, and responsiveness. They are ideal for illustrations like logos, icons, buttons, and graphs. Animated SVG files make your page unique, interactive, and look crisp on any device.

SVGator is an incredibly useful and innovative SVG animation tool that lets you create stunning SVG animations without any coding skills. Import your SVG and choose from a series of advanced animator tools that let you generate amazing animations in just minutes. Spice up your website or blog with impressive SVG animations to increase user engagement. The user-friendly drag and drop interface simplifies the animation process and the code is automatically generated either in CSS or in Javascript.