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Create a Kindle Book Free Ebook PDF Download

Choosing your recording: 1 hour of training will make a “short story” sized Kindle book. Choose a few related trainings to create a Kindle book that’s more “book length.” This step takes 5-10 minutes. Have a transcription service transcribe your training audios into a text format: You’re almost done! This step takes 5-10 minutes (maybe a little longer to find the transcriptionist for your first Kindle, but you can use her every time now). Clean up your Kindle book: This step is what really takes the most time, but it’s simple work. You need to go through your transcript and change it from “spoken word” to “written word.” When you read the transcript, it will read just like you spoke it originally – which is great for live teaching, but you’ll want to make sure it flows well in written format.

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