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Total Searches (Searches) - This is simply the average number of people who search for the keyword per month on ONLY, and NOT INCLUDING Google’s search partners (e.g. AOL’s co-branded Google search engine). SEO Traffic (SEOT) -It’s deceptive looking at the total searches for a keyword. It’s easy to think about how great it would be to have all of the searches per day land on your site – when in reality; only a percentage of those people will ever visit ANY site. SEO Traffic score (SEOT) is unique in that it gives you the maximum amount of traffic that targeting a keyword is likely to give you. This is based on analysis of millions of actual search engine queries, showing 42% of all clicks go to the FIRST listed result. Using this data is the simplest way that you can get better results from your keyword targeting – the higher an SEOT figure is for a keyword, the more potential traffic you can capture from SEO for your web-site. Simple.

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