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There are many attractive reasons to work online. There’s the freedom, there’s the potential for big earnings and there’s the sense of satisfaction that comes from choosing what kind of business you want to run. But for some of us, the biggest draw of making money online is that sense of accomplishment. We love being able to tell people we’re ‘entrepreneurs’ and we get a thrill out of earning a living on the back of our own ingenuity alone. But perhaps you’re getting to the point where that isn’t quite enough? Because sometimes, selling digital products and running blogs can start to feel a little empty… while you might be creating value, at the end of the day you’re still just selling ideas and text and nobody actually gets anything physical to hold at the end of the day. When you tell someone you’re an entrepreneur, what springs to mind? Most likely, they’ll imagine that you’re an eccentric inventor – someone who comes up with gadgets, gizmos, ideas and more and then uses those to make people’s lives better and make a bit of money on the side. We think about people like Arthur Fry – the inventor of post-it notes.

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