The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework WordPress plugin

Critically automated.

The SEO Framework is the only WordPress plugin that can intelligently generate critical SEO meta tags by reading your WordPress environment.

SEO attack protection.

Every page in WordPress can be accessed via unlimited endpoints. Hackers can abuse this and delist your website. The SEO Framework forces search engines to index only the best version of your pages.

No scare tactics.

There’s no fabricated pseudo-SEO for you to waste your time on. What you work with using our software is all you need. You can finally focus on making your website accessible and beautiful.

Over 70 checks.

Every page and term is checked against more than 70 issues, elegantly depicted via the SEO Bar. When there’s an issue, you’ll know about it at a glance–without having to scroll.

Real-time caching.

There’s no use in doing one thing twice. The SEO Framework includes real-time caching mechanisms that alleviate your database of excessive load and spare your laptop’s battery.

It just works.

WordPress boasts over 16 page-types, 50,000 plugins, and 4,000 themes. The SEO Framework is built to spec, so you’ll have SEO for your whole website, on any website.