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The role of marketing via social media has been completely transformed in the past ten years. From companies reaching out to their customers to companies that pull customers into the marketing industry evolved and changed to a new level. Traditional and offline marketing strategies have entirely changed towards digital strategies for marketing.

Social media plays an essential role in marketing through digital channels. We must be aware of some of the biggest “Hit Concepts” of social media. First, let’s get the basics of understanding: Social Media is defined as a collective or a gathering of individuals connected by computers for a specified goal. Principal media include social networks, blogging, video sharing, and more. The goal of every social media platform is to encourage interaction with its audience.

 They provide their users with entertainment, information, or even current information and updates. As per recent stats, social media is the most developing digital platform. There are close to 2.65 billion users who use social media. This number is projected to increase by 3.1 billion by 2021.

What is the reason Social Media is so popular?

 We’ve heard it before: Human beings are social animals. Remember! It is hard to stay on top of the demands of daily social life, especially in busy and stressful work environments. Social media allows everyone to stay active, informed, and involved in our social lives. From a video of a cat’s party posting to “check-in” status at a cinema, the world is awash with social media nowadays.

 The behavior is changing so people wake up early in the morning and are engaged on their social networks. It’s not a stretch to state: “My phone knows me more than my family, and Social Media is a place where I can be found” It’s a fact that is the code for HTML.

 Is Social Media Marketing Required?

 As a marketing professional, I think yes, as it offers myriad ways to connect with our customers. Marketers can’t deny the significance of social media when it comes to marketing. It opens up a myriad of possibilities for reaching the audience you want to reach but also offers a unique opportunity to accelerate the expansion of a company. Social media is a great way to help boost an organization’s growth with a pinpoint focus on the consumer.

 What is Social Media Marketing?

 You should comprehend social media’s reasons, why, how, and what. We’ll now learn more about social media’s role in marketing. The definition of social media marketing simply refers to using social platforms and websites to boost web traffic. The purpose of social media in marketing is to increase brand recognition with the ultimate goal of selling products or services.

What are the Different Channels of Social Media?

 Social media can help you in every way. Do you wish to say, “What’s on your mind? Don’t fret; Facebook and Yooying are available. Do you want everyone to know “What’s happening” and say it via Twitter? Do you wish to start an article, LinkedIn is there. “What is your question or link? You can ask on quora. If you want to share or view videos? Check out YouTube.

 Here are a few of the most well-known websites for social networking. Other platforms are making sure that they are present to the public. There’s an enormous amount of investigation into the impact of social media in the marketing industry. Take a look at the possibilities yourself, and believe you’ll soon reap the rewards of this exploration!

How does marketing function?

Social media’s importance in the marketing industry has risen exponentially thanks to the increasing reach of social media across the entire audience. Simply put, social media’s influence in the marketing field can be huge. Anyone smart in business can make the most out of it. Social media marketing is a great way to help companies grow exponentially and bounds by simply putting effective methods in place.

 Making use of the widespread reach that social media has is a crucial function of social media marketing. Social media marketing is carried out according to your company’s goals. To achieve this, you can comprehend the customer’s purchase decision process. The image below explains how a customer moves through the purchase process. The importance of social media is essential at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

It aids in achieving the goals of the business at every step. Companies must decide on the target market and begin their social media marketing efforts. If, for instance, you’ve just started your company, your aim should be to generate awareness for your company’s brand. Therefore, you should reach a wider audience via social media. An example of this is an E-Commerce business. Its primary goal is a purchase that the client makes. The target market should be from the beginning of consideration through the decision phase. Keep in mind that for new businesses, it is not advised to become a niche business unless you have established your brand’s appearance in the marketplace.

Why is Social Media in Marketing vital?

 Social media helps in providing accurate statistics about the behavior of their customers. Their preferences and dislikes and demographics, for instance. that otherwise need to be gathered through investing a large amount of money in market research firms. Social media is crucial in digital marketing due to its wide-ranging existence. It is extremely likely for businesses to develop without social media. The most important elements associated with social media have been listed below, making it a crucial element in digital marketing.

1. The impact of social media on marketing

2. Time spent on average by users of social media

3. Social media is essential

4. The Trust Factor

Business Scenario

 As marketers, we are all unsure what the best approach to adopt is to boost or expand the business of digital marketing. Although the opinions might differ from one digital marketing expert to another, most agree regarding the importance of social media for marketing. We want you to learn more about this using a live illustration. Let’s look at a study of the opening of a new florist by Harish the new entrepreneur in town:


Harish has launched his flower shop. He plans to grow his business with digital channels. However, he’s confused about what to do first. Harish was looking to connect his business to people’s experiences on various occasions and wanted to promote his business using the same concept. The tagline of his business, “Share happiness,” was also growing in popularity. However, his reach to the public was minimal, and he couldn’t achieve the goals established for the initial six months. Harish’s main goal in business is to raise awareness of his flower shop.


 Harish has explored a myriad of possibilities of possible solutions to expand his client base. Harish decided to talk to an online marketer. In particular, the marketer advised him to use Facebook as an advertising medium and select his group of customers. Harish has a new company that has been established, and his chances are at the beginning of a customer’s journey. His goal in business using social media is to increase brand recognition.


 Following the initial bumps in the road, Harish began his journey to develop an audience via various social platforms. In the next few days, Harish has started receiving responses via SMS, emails, websites, and SMS and social media pages of his business. In addition, people are posting their experiences with family, friends, and colleagues. This is the potential of the social network. It’s the platform where people can create a brand. The sole rule in this regard is to be specific about your audience.

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