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More and more companies worldwide are using video marketing techniques in one way or another. Not surprisingly, the availability of smartphones is growing every year.

People all over the world are gradually gaining access to high-speed internet. As a result, the speed of the internet no longer prevents users from watching more videos online as usual.

So how can video help you in your B2B market?

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B (business to business) marketing refers to any marketing strategy or business-related company or organization. Companies that sell products or services to other companies or organizations (not consumers) often use B2B marketing strategies.

The goal of B2B marketing is to introduce other companies to your brand name, the value of your product or service and turn them into customers.

HubSpot is an example of a B2B marketing company. HubSpot customers are other companies, not individual customers. Therefore, all our B2B sales activities can be categorized as B2B marketing.

Why you should use video in your marketing plan 

Before we dive in to create compelling video marketing strategies, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should use video in your market.

  • Gets people to take action

90% of online consumers said the video helped them decide what to buy.

In addition, video users report nearly 30% higher click-through rates and almost 35% higher online conversion rates.

Even if increasing sales isn’t your primary goal, video can help you achieve what you’re willing to do. You can add YouTube videos to WooCommerce products to attract more customers.

When people get new information from a video, they expect your business to meet their needs.

When you’re ready to record a video, don’t just plug in your phone and record it on purpose. Take the time to plan what you are creating.

If you’re ready to do this but haven’t used this video before, you’re probably thinking about getting started. We have tips on creating an attention-grabbing video.

  • Improves Lead Generation

Videos allow you to engage in your desired leads and find possible leads.

According to a survey conducted by Animoto, 93% of businesses gain new customers through social media.

And it’s not just your social media videos that can drive sales leads. Adding a video to your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 86%.

Consumers are also well aware of the value of video in building leads – 80% of the market Wyzowl surveyed said video increased overall sales.

  • Increases Search Engine Rankings

Google ranks websites that contain videos instead of text pages videos are 53 times higher than Google’s first page. And the impact of video on CTR is also huge, as video content can generate 157% more traffic from SERPs.

In addition, studies have shown that users spend twice as much time on a video page, and Moz has concluded that adding a video can increase the number of backlinks used by people.

Essential Guide to B2B Video Marketing For 2022

1. Start with research

Research is the backbone of the market. Using marketers, metrics, or brands can help eliminate speculation in your marketing strategy. If your B2B video marketing plan has an information management system, you can better serve your customers.

2. Get your niche down

Finding your target niche is the key to any business. Companies that accelerate to become experts in a particular field are the key to their success.

The practice of becoming a professional requires a lot of research. Being an expert makes marketing easier because you know who to target, their needs, and how to reach them.

3. Know your target audience

A successful video educates and engages the target audience with relevant information.

To achieve this, you need to understand the interests and needs of your audience before making a video. Otherwise, it will not hurt your primary intentions.

Or use instructions on how to make your new product? Or search for the most popular online shopping stores? Is there any other information about your brand? Here are the questions you should have when designing your video.

4. Easy to digest video content

The content of your video should not be a burdensome stone; If you want to get started, you have to work hard to get the most out of your product video.

Try to make your video understandable and give the viewer a list of the solutions your product offers, keeping the footage semi-formal and entertaining.

Nobody likes to watch boring ppt-like videos full of business jargon with nothing entertaining.

5. Storyboard your video

The key to creating a great marketing video for your brand is good storytelling. A storyboard not only helps you understand the visual summary of your video but also helps everyone involved in making your video get an idea of what you need from your video. 

For example, if the video is behind the scenes with your team, you can show how their day is in the office and what activities they do. Or, if it’s an online shopping guide, you need to define the process, provide information to viewers, and pack it in a shopping cart.

Build the story from start to finish and present the scenario dictated by the narrator. Both the storyboard and the script have information about what people should do in the video and how they should act.

6. Explore marketing channels 

The competition analysis shows the different marketing channels that your competitors are successfully using and the channels they don’t.

Once you take steps to build a B2B marketing plan, you can structure your B2B sales and attract the companies you want. There are many B2B marketing ways to connect you and your audience.

Wrapping up

Video marketing worries are common, especially if you are experiencing this method for the first time. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of in the video.

B2B videos don’t have to be complicated. If your video can reach your customers and clearly show your value, it will be valuable for future marketing campaigns.

Video advertising requires a lot of effort and specific financial resources. But if done right, it’s worth it, because it will bring benefits in the future.

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